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Individual fall protection

Dead weight anchors

A deadweight anchor is a freestanding anchor point for flat roofs or roofs with a slope of maximum 5 ° (depending on the type of dead weight anchor). By providing the required ballast, you create a (temporary) anchor point at the desired position on the roof. The anchor points are designed to provide fall protection for 1 person. They do not pierce the roofing in any way. When used in combination with personal fall protection equipment, a dead weight anchor offers optimum freedom of movement and protection against falling from heights. Our dead weight anchors all comply with the EN 795


A tripod serves as a temporary anchor point for evacuating people or accessing an enclosed space. The 3 supports have telescopic length adjustment, which allows you to use the tripod on an uneven surface. A tripod can be equipped with a fall arresting block with retrieval, a winch and a bosun’s chair. They all comply with the EN 795: 2012 B standard.

Slab lock clamps

These slab lock clamps or standing seam anchors are individual temporary anchor points for use on almost all slabs made by leading manufacturers. They are self-tensioning steel clamps that you can use with fall arresting blocks or lifelines. All our slab lock clamps comply with the EN 795:2012 B standard.

Loading system

This is a self-contained, overhead anchoring mechanism for personal fall protection, which is mainly used during loading and unloading freight from a flatbed truck or a truck trailer with a flat floor. Each detachable unit is movable with a forklift and it comprises a base with 3 tons of ballast blocks and a Combisafe, SkyReach anchor type folding boom.

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