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The SME portfolio

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Written by Fee Kooij
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The SME portfolio will be adjusted from 1 December 2019. From that moment, a small company can receive 30% support, a medium-sized company 20% support. From 1 January 2020, the maximum aid ceiling per year is € 7,500 aid.

Additional explanation

  • The acceptable project amount for training must be at least € 100;
  • The acceptable project amount for advice must be at least € 500;
  • It is an annual cycle with an additional pay year to complete the current projects;
  • Which costs:
    • Training or consultancy costs;
    • Catering for training up to € 25 per person per day;
    • Course material insofar as this is exclusively used during the course;
    • Teacher travel expenses.
  • VAT is not subsidized.

For more information, please visit hsa@heli.be or +32 9 368 80 40, ask for Lindsay Vercruyssen

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