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Collective fall protection

Steel fencing

The combination of steel fencing and poles forms the basis of a good safety system for the most challenging building environments. It is designed to meet the requirements for edge protection on steep roofs or structures with an extensive span. They are lightweight enough for quick assembly, weighing only 20 kg. We supply these steel fences in convenient transport frames, which make use on the site, storage and transport easy. The steel fence comprises a handrail, fencing and board all in one product. The fence has shock absorbing properties. In combination with the various attachme


The systems consist of only a few parts: upright - fence or handrail tube - ballast, making them easy to build. They also meet the safety requirements of the European standard EN 13374 Class A.

Aluminium fence

How does it work? • The pole hangs in the gutter and leans on the wall or façade. • The weight of the system (pole, fence, side plank and hook bracket) is only 9.4 kg per meter. • In the event of a fall, there is force on the fence. This force is captured by the pole, which leans onto the façade or wall. As a result, the load on the gutter is minimal. This aluminium fence is even applicable on a roof edge with an edge up to 1 m wide. Advantage – There are no loose parts and it prevents damage to façades and gardens.

Roof edge protection

Innovative fall protection for installation onto sandwich panels. SIFATEC is a unique system that enables you to install rooftop fall protection onto sandwich panels. The fall protection equipment enables you to work safely and securely in the full knowledge that you are protected.


The Rail Safety System is a magnetic fence for railway operations. This creates a safe workplace for your employees while train traffic can continue unhindered. This fence consists of only two parts and is attachable to almost any type of rail. You can set it up and disassemble it up to 20 times faster than traditional systems. There are other security system products developed based on this patented technology with magnets such as signposts or stop signs.

Safety Net Fan

Façade catch nets serve dual functions on the construction site: • They provide effective fall protection for operatives • and they protect people passing by and workers from falling objects and debris. Our catching nets come in 2 types: • The first is designed for catching objects and debris. • The second breaks the fall if a person or of falling persons and equipment. Both net types are available in standard lengths of 4 and 6 meters and extend to a maximum of 3 m out from the façade. A third safety net, the Maxi, is designed for increased catch range compared to the standard

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