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Why opt for Sifatec rooftop fall protection?

SIFATEC rooftop fall protection for flat roofs is ideal for industrial builders, roofers, building contractors, architects, Health & Safety managers, solar panel installers, etc.

1. Innovative fall protection for installation onto sandwich panels

SIFATEC is a unique system that enables you to install rooftop fall protection onto sandwich panels. The fall protection equipment enables you to work safely and securely in the full knowledge that you are protected.

2. You can work unobstructed on the entire roof area

The entire roof area is unobstructed by the rooftop fall protection which enables you to work fast and efficiently.

3. Simple installation without any damage

SIFATEC rooftop fall protection can be installed easily without causing any damage to the roof surface area. Furthermore, it can even be installed without any roof surface present. There is also the possibility of adding a stairwell access tower to the structure.

4. A cost-efficient solution in comparison to complete scaffolding

Considerably reduce your project costs by opting for SIFATEC rooftop fall protection instead of full scaffolding. It is a smart and cost-efficient solution that does not comprise on Health and Safety.

5. Recycling and sustainability

Our steel anchoring plates remain fixed to your structure, and can therefore be reused at any time in the future. This ensures that our system is both cost-effective and environmentally-friendly.

High and Safe Department:

At High and Safe we strive for customer satisfaction. Our rooftop fall protection equipment can both be hired and purchased.

Please give us some insight into your project, possibly with a few photos. We will send you a project-related quotation.
Our technical team is ready to answer all of your questions and to prepare a tailor-made solution for you.
Mail highandsafe@heli.be or call +32 (9) 368 80 50

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