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The difference between a telescopic aerial platform and articulating boom lifts

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Find the right boom lift for your job.

Every project is different and requires a different type of boom lift.

Heli has the right machine for every job.

With around 1,250 machines in our rental fleet, we are one of the biggest players in Flanders. Moreover, we can easily advise you in making the right choice.

There are different types of aerial work platforms:

- Scissor lifts
- Telescopic aerial platforms
- Articulating boom lifts
- Vertical mast lifts
- Trailer mounted aerial platforms
- Truck mounted aerial platform
- Spider lifts
- Push around mast lifts

In addition to the different types, there are a few things to consider when renting a boom lift. Indoor or outdoor use is very importantAlways keep this in mind.

In this blog, we explain the difference between a telescopic and an articulating boom lift.

Telescopic aerial platforms

What do you use a telescopic boom lift for?

Telescopic boom lifts are often used by window cleaners, in bridge work and on large construction sites.

Telescopic boom lifts are well suited in cases where you need a large diagonal displacement and a higher weight capacity than the usual 227 kg in the platform. At Heli, we go up to 454 kg.

However, you must have a place, because the platform needs a sufficient space.

Telescopes are devices to be used outdoors, a diesel engine drives the 4x4 wheels or tracks. This makes these devices ideal for working on rough ground.

Our telescopic boom lifts have an extendable (or telescopic) arm, often with the addition of a jib at the end of the boom for even more flexibility.

  • We have the tracked versions with working heights from 13.70 to 22.80 meters.
  • The telescopic handlers with tires we have in working heights from 15.56 to 40.10 meters.

View our range of telecopic aerial platforms for rental here.

Articulating boom lifts

Articulated telescopic booms are available in 2 versions:
- for use on flat ground
- for use on uneven ground

Articulated boom lifts for flat ground rental.
The articulated telescopic booms for flat surfaces can be used both indoors and outdoors.
By flat we mean concrete or asphalt. Sidewalks or roads with paving stones and/or slabs are not flat surfaces! Articulated platforms for flat surfaces are always equipped with non-marking tires.

Rent an articulated telescope for rough terrain.
The rough-terrain articulated telescopes are usually devices that run on Diesel or are hybrid The electric variant is on the rise. The rough-terrain articulated telescopes are equipped with tread tires for better grip.

Why rent an articulated boom lift?
Our self-propelled articulated telescopic handlers have an extendable articulated arm and can reach working heights from 10.89 meters to 43.15 meters. The articulated telescopic boom allows you to work in hard-to-reach places, at great heights or over obstacles.

A decisive factor in choosing the right model is the articulation height (free space under the upper arm), also called "up and over." This data can always be found on our website and is even a selection criterion. Indeed, two machines of the same height can be very different because of this Can't decide? Contact us.

For building maintenance, chimney inspection, facade work, installation of solar panels or other construction work, it is best to rent an articulated telescope.

What work do you use an electric, diesel or hybrid articulating boom lift for?

Electric articulated telescopes have the advantage of being extremely quiet. They do not emit exhaust fumes, making them suitable for indoor use. Electric articulated telescopes are used on flat surfaces. Want to use an electric powered device on an uneven surface? You can, but rent an electric articulated telescope from our rough terrain range.

An articulated telescope powered with Diesel is very powerful and suitable on rough terrain outdoors.

Our hybrid articulated telescopes are all rough terrain devices and have non-marking tires, allowing them to be used both indoors and outdoors.

Need to rent an articulated telescope? Check out our range here.

Rather buy a telescope or an articulated telescope?

At HELI, we sell new equipment and always have a large stock of recent, well-maintained second-hand equipment. Contact us for more information and/or advice.

Would you like to rent for the long term or do you have a complex question?

Then request a free site visit here. A specialist from Heli will come on site to assess all circumstances: site accessibility, accessibility, required working height, lateral reach, articulation height, condition of the ground, presence of restrictions such as electrical or other wiring, safety for employees and passers-by, ...

Based on all these elements, he will recommend one or more machines best suited for your job. By requesting a free site visit, you can be sure that you are always hiring the right machine for the right job.

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