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Individual fall protection



When choosing the right lifeline, always check what the length should be and whether or not the line should have a fall arrestor attached. You can also choose from a range of rope types. Single lines without a fall arrestor are made for preventing the risk of a user falling. Lines with a fall arrestor dampen the impact on the body if a fall should occur. All our lifelines comply with the EN 354 or EN 355 or EN 358.

Fall arresting blocks

A fall arresting block works like a car seat belt. With an acceleration of more than 1.5 m/sec, the braking system will activate and block the cable. The integrated fall arrestor ensures that shock forces are minimal. Depending on your situation, you can opt for a plastic or aluminium housing, steel cable or webbing. Our blocks have all been tested and certified for horizontal and vertical use according to the new guidelines in the EN 360 standard.

Safety hooks

The safety hooks are the connecting elements you use between the various parts of your fall protection equipment (harness, lifeline and anchor point). The combination with all those forms a complete fall protection system. The hooks are available in various formats, with screw openings, made of aluminium or steel. They all comply with the EN 362 standard.

Fixed anchor points

Temporary fall protection

You can choose the option of temporary fall protection if the work will only be for such a short period that the cost of a permanent installation is unwarranted for the task in hand. The best fall protection to utilize depends on the location and nature of the work. The temporary fall protection will ensure that you can work safely and in accordance with legal obligations and standards.

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